l o a d i n g


Electricity supply is managed by PT Tatajabar Sejahtera

Future plan Capacity : 240 MVA
Existing capacity : 180 MVA
Less than 200 kVA : 380 Volt
More than 200 kVA : 20 KV
Cycle: 50Hz


Water is piped from Jatiluhur Lake through Tarum Timur Canal, treated for industrial purpose and distributed by PT. Bukit Indah Tirta Alam

Future Capacity : 60,000 m3/day
Existing Supply : 21,000 m3/day(1st phase)
Water Pressure : 1-2 bar
Standard Quality : According to Decree of Minister of Health of RI No.416/MENKES/PER/IX/1990

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Future capacity of Waste Water Treatment Plant : 28,000 m3/day
Existing Capacity of Waste Water Treatment Plant : 15,800 m3/day (1st phase)
Treatment System : Biological treatment with Cyclic Sequential Activated Sludge (CSAS) process.
Influence Standard : BOD 300 - 600 mg/ltr (depend on location)
COD 500 - 900 mg/ltr (depend on location)
TSS 200 - 500 mg/ltr (depend on location)
Cost : Included in water consumption charge
If the outflow from the factory is supposed to exceed WWTP influence standard, the tenant shall pre-treat the waste water with their own facilities up to KBI's standard before discharging it to KBI's WWTP. Failure to follow the procedure will result in penalty.

Inner Road

Artery Road : 4 lanes asphalt paved, 45m width, functional width 4m/lane
Secondary Road : 2-4 lanes asphalt paved, 20m - 30m width, functional width 3.5m - 4m/lane

Lightning Protection

System : Electrostatic
Coverage Area : Approximately 156m radius of protection from point of pole installation.

FO Cable

FiberStar connects the estate with multi Internet Service Provider, besides : Telkom, ICON+, Indosat and Lintasarta

Natural Gas

Natural gas is available in Kota Bukit Indah, provided by Perusahaan Umum Gas Negara / PGN (the state-owned gas company). Connection & Consumption fees are as per PGN's rate.


Telephone lines and broadband network can be obtained directly from any Telecommunication provider. All charges imposed for these services are per actual charges issued by the operator.

Fire Protection

Fire hydrants are installed surrounding developed area for supporting purpose. Well trained brigade is ready 24hours a day 7 days a week to prevent fire spreading.

For Infrastructure, Management of KBI provides standrad fire extinguishers.

Pollution Control

In order to meet industrial environment requirements, KBI follows the standards which are determined in Decision No. 660.31/SK/694-BKPMD/82, of the Governor of West Java Province.

  • Regulation on air Pollution in West Java Province
  • Noise Control