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Estate Management

Estate Management of Kota Bukit Indah has its office in Wisma Bukit Indah, Sector L, Kota Bukit Indah.Besides maintaining and securing the daily operation of KBI's Support Facilities and facilities, it also coordinates and maintains the relationship among government institutions, the tenants and surrounding local people (villagers). Management of KBI believes that by creating good social environment, the development of Kota Bukit Indah will proceed well, as it has been planned.

Facilities & Services

Along with the growth of business value in Kota Bukit Indah, the facilities and services in KBI have been increasing from time to time. Furthermore, as the location is very close to Purwakarta and Cikampek, these three developing areas are supporting each other in various ways. The following are facilties & services which have been established in Kota Bukit Indah.


  • Permata Bukit Indah Executive Village
  • Bukit Indah Permai Housing Estate
  • Anggrek Dormitory
  • Indotaisei Dormitory

Custom & Clearance Office

  • kantor Pelayanan Bea & Cukai (Custom & Excise Office)


  • STO, Telkom Kota Bukit Indah


  • Tunas Bukit Indah (kingdergarten, elementary and junior high school).

Security & Safety

  • KBI Police Station
  • Fire Brigade Station
  • Miracle 24 hours clinic

Logistic Facility

  • Warehousing
  • Container Yard


  • Mosque
  • Church
  • Gas Station

Labor & Social Related Services

  • Job Information Center
  • Tenants Communication Forum (FORKAP)
  • Neighborhood Communication Forum