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The 23rd Indotaisei Voluntary Club Education Program to SDN KALIHURIP I and SDN KALIHURIP II Cikampek

Indotaisei Voluntary Club continues a tradition of doing charity activities by contributing such as; backpack, sports equipment (Volley Ball, Soccer Ball, Basket Ball, and Badminton racket), and also sharing knowledge to elementary school of SDN Kalihurip I and Kalihurip II Cikampek on September 28 , 2107.

The students of SDN Kalihurip I and II were happy when the Indotaisei Voluntary Club came to visit, and they welcomed the Indotaisei Voluntary Club by performing a traditional dance and a traditional music.

The members of Indotaisei Voluntary Club are the companies within Indotaisei area, such as the following :

  1. PT. Asahimas Flat Glass, Tbk
  2. PT. Aica Indonesia
  3. PT. KITM Indonesia Textile Mills
  4. PT. G-Tekt Indonesia Manufacturing
  5. PT. Gemala Kempa Daya
  6. PT. Honda Precision Parts Manufacturing
  7. PT. Indonesia Koito
  8. PT. Indonesia Nippon Steel Pipe
  9. PT. Indotaisei Indah Development
  10. PT. Kalbe Morinaga Indonesia
  11. PT. Kawai Indonesia Plant 2
  12. PT. Kawai Indonesia Pant 3
  13. PT. MCNS Polyurethane Indonesia
  14. PT. Molten Aluminum Producer Indonesia
  15. PT. Koyama Casting Indonesia
  16. PT. Sanghiang Perkasa
  17. PT. Sumi Rubber Indonesia
  18. PT. Techno Wood Indonesia
  19. PT. Yamatogomu Indonesia
  20. PT. Tritunggal Multi Chemicals
  21. PT. Nippon Konpo Indonesia

According to Mr. Rikuji Yamanaka, Operation Manager of PT. Indotaisei and Mr. Kensuke Murakami, Director of PT. Indotaisei explained that this activity is a routine activity, which is held twice a year, by Indotaisei Voluntary Club since 2001.

Besides contributing backpacks and sports equipment, the member also has introduced the concept of "Sharing Knowledge", where each of the representative of the participating companies acts as teachers in each classroom. One of the methods used is playing and /or role playing, games in the classroom which is involves the students.

The vision and mission of this activity is to help the students in SDN Kalihurip I and II to be a high achiever and successful children in the future.