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Standard Factory Building Type ST-3

Factory Type

Single-storey with mezzanine floor

Land Plot Area
75m x 155m : 11,625 Sq.m
Building Coverage Area
(54.00m x 114m) + (2.85m x 15.85m) : 6,201 Sq.m
Lettable Area
Ground floor : 6,201 Sq.m
Mezzanine floor : 972 Sq.m
Total : 7,173 Sq.m
Ground floor to mezzanine : 3.80 m
Mezzanine floor to ceiling : 2.75 m
Ground floor to roof : 7.31 m

Steel and concrete structure are designed according to Indonesian Standard.

Floor Live Load Design
Production floor : 750 Kg/Sq.m
Office and Mezzanine floor : 250 Kg/Sq.m
Production area : two sliding doors & two steel emergency doors.
Office floor : two swing glass door at entrance.
Ground floor : 14 squatting closets, 14 mono block closets, 10 wash basins, 1 urinal block.
Mezzanine floor : 2 mono block closets, 2 wash basins.

Rayban glass 5mm with aluminium frame at office area.


Brickwall with plastered, & painted on both sides. Ceramic tile on toilet area.


Metal roofing with turbine ventilators.

Floor Finishes

Non-metallic floor hardener on production floor, trowelled finish floor on office and mezzanine area, ceramic tiles on toilet area.

Water Supply

Clean water is available

Electricity Supply

Ready to connect at 380V or 20KV/50Hz

Lightning Protection

Electrostatic system.

Fire Fighting System

Four portable fire extinguishers are provided.


Telephone lines are ready to connect.


Sewer line to Waste Water Treatment Plant.


Guard house, car park and driveway, lanscaping, fencing, etc.

Typical Layout

Note: Specification is subject to change without prior notice